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"Why Sturgeon? Because we love them! Sturgeon are the most amazing fish on Earth!" Quote by Cornel Ceapa, PhD in Sturgeon Biology, Founder, owner & operator



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We ship our caviar and sturgeon filets in Canada only, within 24 hours after receiving the order, by UPS overnight, packed in Styrofoam boxes with gel packs. Free shipping for orders over $300, flat rate of $30 for under $300 for any quantity of product! Guaranteed delivery in perfect conditions!

We ship and distribute all over Canada, from Vancouver Island, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland! Check with your local restaurant, seafood or deli store, online at or our own online store, etc!

Buy Acadian Caviar, the BEST caviar available in Canada, produced with love here in New Brunswick!

Acadian Sturgeon

Purchase our products at your local seafood or deli store or online at:

(only online, not in the Costco stores yet!)

Purchase our products locally at:

Saint John City Market - North Market (Former Lord Lobster)!

North Market Seafood            

Dolma Foods and Les Gourmands in Moncton!

Real Food Connections in Fredericton!

NEW Article - Roe to Heaven: building a legacy one sturgeon egg at a time

Please check out this new video interview by Good Food Revolution about Acadian Sturgeon and Sustainable Canadian Caviar!


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