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CV Cornel Ceapa

CV Cornel Ceapa, February 2011
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Cornel's PhD thesis abstract

Advances in studying the biology and the exploitation system of stellate sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus Pallas 1771) during the reproduction migration in the lower Danube River
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Sturgeon Meat Market - Key Issue

Power Point presentation prepared and presented by Cornel Ceapa at the 2nd Annual Conference on Sturgeon Farming organized by Aller Aqua in Warsaw, Poland 2008
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Atlantic Sturgeon Fishery & Research on Saint John River

Power Point presentation for the NOAA workshop February 2011
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How precautionary should we be...

Power Point presentation at Biology 6000 UNBSJ 2004 "How precautionary should we be to avoid the extinction of the ponto-caspian sturgeons?
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Carters Point Sturgeon Farm & Gene Bank" Map (pdf)

Carters Point Sturgeon Farm & Gene Bank" Map (pdf) also known as "THE PLAN". Should be ready in 3-4 years!
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