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Using our scientific and practical knowledge on sturgeon we produced and exported since 2005, all over the world, live sturgeon for restocking, research and aquaculture and have firm orders for the following years.

Moreover, having access to some wild commercially and sustainably harvested sturgeon, we also started developing the processing and the market for sturgeon meat and caviar. Besides producing more cash flow for the start-up business, using this opportunity also proves the existence of a market and created an invaluable distribution network and list of clients for our coming aquaculture products.

Using the results of our own research we will separate the males sturgeon as early as possible (2 years old by blood screening, 3 years by biopsy and ultrasonography) and create a meat production flow that will put a product on the market as early as in 3 years from the beginning of our grow-out operation. This will also create a sustainable cash flow that will cover some of the costs of obtaining the valuable end product - the caviar.

We are now working to create a land based grow-out sturgeon farm, farm that will include R&D and a gene bank for both sturgeon species available in Saint John River (shortnose and Atlantic sturgeon). We break ground in building this grow-out facility on 2.5 ha of land that we purchased in Carters Point, NB, Canada, with a designed capacity of 165 tonnes of sturgeon meat and 10 tonnes of caviar per year.

Due to the high value of sturgeon products we are able to develop our technology as environmentallly friendly as possible with all the tanks bassed inland (no cages or anything like that), water treatment before releasing it back into the river, growing only native species that are also found in Saint John river etc.