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June 06, 2013

We are offering by competition a dream week of caviar & sturgeon in New Brunswick (to choose between July 02 - July 19) all expenses paid (Porter flights from Toronto Island to Moncton, picked up in Moncton by car, accommodation in Saint John or in a camper on the bank of Saint John River, food, drinks etc) to a TEAM of a photographer & a chef from Toronto willing to learn about sturgeon this (busy) July!

I want someone well recognized on social media and culinary scene, willing to experiment with all sturgeon parts (cook with us, develop recipes), fish sturgeon with us, prepare caviar, eat lots of caviar Acadian Caviar, participate in our aquaculture activities, sun bathing on the bank of Saint John River etc. and document this experience!

All offers considered, sadly we cannot afford to bring more than one team per year to visit, although we would love too!

Please send a short essay why you should be picked at, including any conditions (how much $) you may want! Remember, it is a team application, please apply as a team!

Contest ends June 14 at 18.00 EST. Winners will be announced on social media shortly after!