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Instructions for Storing & Serving Caviar

Instructions for Storing & Serving Caviar

February 15, 2011

Store fresh caviar up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator, preferably within a container of ice or in the coldest spot in the fridge (caviar is best stored at –3 - +3 C). Store any opened and un-used caviar in it's own container, covered tightly with plastic wrap. Fresh caviar should be consumed within 3 days after being opened and refrigerated.

Prepare a platter, bowl or caviar server on which you place crushed ice. Open the caviar and place it on the ice, keep the cover with label near by so people know what caviar they are eating! Place a serving spoon in the caviar. Mother of pearl serving utensils are the most traditional but small elegant transparent plastic spoons can be also used. Never use stainless steel or silver. Serve the caviar on blinis (small round pan-fried or baked pankakes), hard boilled quail eggs, baked baby potatoes cut in halfs or even toasted bread smeared with butter, organic sour cream or cream cheese. The most traditional beverage that is served with caviar is vodka, which should be accompanied by ice. Champagne or white whine are also acceptable, as well as a non-alcoholic beverage, such as a white grape juice.