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We see you are interested about our company logo! There is a quite nice story about it!
During the winter of 2005 I was wondering how should my logo look like. I had a few directions:
sturgeon, water, long time and slow road to developing this business, team work, difficulty and slow process...
And I come up with the idea of a STURGEON GALLEASS: A large, three-masted galley/galleon hybrid
of the 16th and 17th centuries that used both sails and oars. This is the idea of our business:
a business hard to put in motion but powerful and successful with the right people at the oars and
sometimes with the right wind behind the sails! Coming from the ancient times as come the sturgeon...
And those boats were often carrying gold and other large treasures on board as does our sturgeon - the caviar!
Putting it on paper was another story: we asked OCTAVIAN CATRINESCU, a gifted artist,
only 14 years old boy at the time, a  relative of mine from Romania, to come up with a hand drawing of
a sturgeon galleass and that's how our logo come to life! We love it, hope you do too!