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Yes, we proudly produce Canadian sturgeon caviar and sturgeon meat products! Some people believe that the real caviar only comes from Russia and Iran but we have proven over the last years that Canadian Caviar is at least at par if not better than the traditionally known types of caviar (beluga, ossetra and sevruga)! And it comes without the guilt of damaging the environment and over harvesting as it happened in the Caspian Sea. Canadian water and environment is recognized all over the world as being the most pristine you can find and we take pride to use it together with only native sturgeon species to offer our customers the best possible caviar and sturgeon! "Buy Canadian" in our case does applies not only to Canadian citizens but to the whole world and we promise you will not be disappointed!


We produce and sell stocking material (fertilized eggs, larvae, fry and juveniles) for the following sturgeon species:

Common name Scientific name Origin of stock
Atlantic sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus Saint John River
Shortnose sturgeon (CITES captive breeding registered, commercial!) Acipenser brevirostrum Saint John River






From wild Atlantic sturgeon commercially harvested in a small, 100 years old, sustainable fishery on Saint John River

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  Caviar   Metal tins of 30, 50, 125, 250, 500, 1000 & 1800 g   Shop online or contact us
  Sturgeon fillets, by-products   Vacuum packed, loins, steaks, bone marrow etc   Shop online or contact us
  Smoked sturgeon fillets   Vacuum packed, loins or sliced   Shop online or contact us

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