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Below is a selective list of accolades that Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar has received over the past few years.

Both grades of your caviars are amazing quality! My wife, mother-in-law, and I finished all 80g on the Tuesday that it arrived! My wife is going to be placing a bigger order for my mother-in-law, who wants to take it back with her to Hong Kong this upcoming Wednesday Feb. 19th! So I tell her to place the order today to ensure delivery on or before Tuesday next week. I would had re-ordered a lot sooner rather than cutting so close, but I wanted to try out the caviar from the other place in Sechelt, BC calls Northern Divine; you are probably familiar with them, as there are only 2 places in Canada that produce sturgeon caviars. I have to tell you before even tasting theirs, the experience was not as great compared to dealing with your company. I placed the order from your website and their website at the same time on Monday, Feb 10th. Your product arrived super fast the next day (which I enjoyed them all the same night!), but Northern Divine’s product didn’t show up until yesterday! And I had to go pick it up from the Float Plane Terminal in downtown Victoria myself! Yet they charged me $30 for shipping, where your company did not! I thought theirs would arrive earlier since they are in BC, but I was wrong! Come to taste, quality and value; my wife, mother-in-law, and myself, we all preferred your premium caviar, 2nd is the classic caviar, and least is Northern Divine’s. Lookwise, I do have to say Northern Divine’s caviar does looks bigger and glossier, hence more appearing to people! But after tasting it, it felt very tasteless comparing to yours! Just want to let you know we really enjoy your caviars and will for sure be ordering on regular basis!
~ James Lo, Victoria, BC

When I contacted you in December I was told I could now purchase your caviar at Costcos. A 30 g supply for $80 some. It is winter and I am 91 years old I do not like to drive in snow: so I asked my daughter to get it from Costcos. What I got is DOM (Imperial, organic) caviar from British Columbia packed in Toronto. I prefer your brand please advise!
~ Mrs. A. Eperon, Quebec

Excellent Quality "It is difficult in Canada to buy high-quality caviar unless it is shipped from overseas. I am impressed with the quality and taste of this caviar - it is well-priced and tastes buttery, not fishy at all. Highly recommend it. It is also shipped with ice packs so extremely fresh!"
~ Costco Regular Shopper,

I just received the sturgeon scutes, they are beyond amazingly beautiful, I've never seen anything quite like it! Thank you so much for everything, you've been very nice from the start and you always did your best to reply to me when I had questions. I'm very grateful that there are still people so kind out there who also share the great passion that is the sturgeon! I will make something beautiful out of them I'm sure! and when I'm done, I'll be sure to send you a picture. Again thank you so much for everything you've put into this, I truly appreciate it!
~ Justine JP Cast Away, Ontario

What a nice surprise for you both to stop by at the winery and especially with the cold pack... We had the pate and caviar last night and it was to die for... I toasted the blinis and opened a bottle of Benjamin Bridge champagne and ate a meal of kings and queens at sunset... Life doesn't get much better....Thanks again and we will see you! soon...
~ Tony Rickett, Dunhams Run Estate Winery, NB

Did a tasting last night and ran through beluga, asetra, Northern Divine, Acadian Caviar... Acadian was so far and away the best palate experience of them all that it was almost dumbfounding. Texture, depth and range of flavor, aesthetic appeal. All of it: top marks for the Atlantic sturgeon. A wine store owner, a restauranteur, consulting chef & yours truly all agreed.
~ Eric Giesbrecht, Calgary

Ciao Cornel, I just received the box of joy;) Thank you for making a better Canada... Kind regards, Josee
~ Josee Marchand, Quebec

Do you realize this amazing company exists in our own back yard? I grew up on the SJ River, and had no idea this majesty existed beneath the surface. Cornel and his team at Acadian Sturgeon are a class act, treating the sturgeon with respect and bringing us, and the world, this delicacy. I have a tender heart when it comes to wildlife, this company has gained my respect. Something to be proud of, for sure. Check them out, they put us on the map in a very cool way. Bravo Cornel!
~ Tracy Hanson, Uptown Saint John

We were able to taste and sample the products you sent to us all the chefs raved about the caviar!! then we move into the sliced smoked fish and i believe the remarks were "wow this is beautiful" and then we moved on to the raw loin. I marinated it for 24 hours and slow roasted it the texture was amazing the Vice President Jeff McCourt said "it's great to get a fish that will stand up nicely to a braise" the whole smoke loin was great very tender as i cut it thicker and it melted in your mouth which was very nice! and it did not break apart during slicing like most other fish. the caviar really paired well with the roasted loin match made in heaven!!! I will be in touch again for sure to put some on my menu this summer, and i am hoping that it sparked the other chefs interests that were able to to taste this product! Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to taste such an outstanding product and i look forward to using it again!
~ Domenic Serio, Executive Chef Inn at Bay Fortune, PEI

Yours caviar and smoked sturgeon are outstanding, much better than your competition...
~ Stefan Muller, Executive Chef, Delta Beausejour, Moncton

We really enjoyed it [caviar] – it was delicious! We had made blinis and crème fraîche to accompany the caviar and found that the crème fraîche overpowered it! The caviar is so delicate that it was best on the blini alone. Not one little speck was left – it was good to the last roe!! We will definitely consider it again for special occasions! We really appreciated the excellent service that you provide as well! Not many businesses nowadays understand the meaning of customer service! Thank you!
~ Denise Melanson & Maurice Gallant

I have to say that we were impressed from beginning to the end. The product was very well packaged and preserved and the gift box was much nicer than we expected. As for the product, everybody loved the smoked sturgeon, even Caroline who doesn't like fish.
~ Assistant Buyer

Thanks again so much for your generosity... The class absolutely loved the caviar and different varieties of sturgeon. Our instructor Geoffrey Couper told me he made a purchase (already). I was quite surprised with the outcome of marinating the sturgeon we did a daily test on it cooked a piece a day for a week and watched it develop and tenderize. You have an amazing product there and I will do whatever I can to promote it out here. Thanks again for your support it is very much appreciated!!!
~ Jon Garratt, CCFCC Junior Board Representative - Western Region, Okanagan Chefs Association - Junior Director Kelowna

We enjoyed the smoked sturgeon very much and will certainly take some more with our next order. The frozen sturgeon was so fresh that it still had rigor mortis once thawed. It was a little to chewy [for this reason]. Our experience with sturgeon is that it needs [to marinate] ~4-5 days before it looses its rigor mortis and becomes more tender. The caviar is excellent!
~ Executive Chef Frank Pabst, Blue Water Cafe, Vancouver

OUTSTANDING PRODUCT Pros: excellent delivery very classy Cons: nothing absolutely nothing! "I ordered this product on a Friday evening; It came in 2 days (not 7) absolutely amazing packed, very elegant, nice and clean, refrigerated with special cooling bags. Outstanding service. When we opened it, we had another very pleasant surprise: the contents of the packs was VERY, VERY TASTY, fresh, well prepared, and it offered to all of our guests the chance to consider it as an OUTSTANDING product! We had a huge dinner for 20 people, and by far, it was considered the best amongst everything what was served; Very fresh, nicely sliced, not salty, discrete smoked, very very nice structure of the meat, with just a touch of spices in order to make it taste phenomenal! A few minutes of silence when they start to eat and a clean plate at the end was the result of this very good sturgeon fillets. I assume that a nice compliment is the fact that we will definitely buy it again for Easter."
~ customer from Toronto

Thank you so much! I just spoke to my Step Mother and she was thrilled with your product and all the little added touches. You are truly first class and we wanted to thank you for making the extra effort... not a lot of companies do this anymore!
~ Karen Workman, Fredericton

We have tasted all of the products that you dropped off for us to try and I have to tell you, they're fantastic. Thanks again for the samples, they really were wonderful!
~ Jonathan Abrahams, The Healthy Butcher, Toronto

The party was great, they LOOOVVVED the caviar... And those were people who knew their caviar, been to Russia, Iran...
~ Deb Smith, CBC producer, Toronto

Your product was very well received and thoroughly enjoyed. We are not caviar experts but in our view you have an excellent product as good as any Russian caviar we have tried. Thank you kindly for the great service and we will be letting people we know about your products and how delicious they are!
~ Dick & Brenda Fleetham

We had a truly wonderful time at this show (Delicious Food Show, Toronto, 2011) and the high point for us was when there was a seminar we attended for "Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar" together with another company for vodka called " Absolut Elyx". Not only were we given an education on Caviar but we were given a nice glass of Vodka From Absolut over ice together with samples of caviar on quail eggs, baked spiced potato or caviar just by itself. It truly felt luxurious sitting in these plush seats they had set up having a lovely glass of vodka over rocks, listening to an educational seminar by a knowledgeable representative talking about his product of caviar as they were giving all the participants samples of their absolutely fantastic caviar. Must say, this was the high point of our time at the show.
~ Linda Grimster, Ontario